Retirement living seniors can make small changes to save big

Many retirement living seniors who have been affected by the depression have begun to look from ways to save money. From cooking at home to charging less on credit cards, there are a variety of ways that active living seniors could sock away a few extra dollars.

Retirement living seniors can make small changes to save big recently suggested that small habits, like saving change, can help seniors put a few extra pennies in their piggy bank while still having fun.

The news source reports that rolling your change is an excellent way to save some dough. To make it more entertaining, the website suggests looking into incentive games that reward you for saving change.

Retirement living seniors could also use the coins that they turn into cash to do something fun once a month, such as go to see a movie or buy some special groceries for a fancy dinner at home.

Those who earmark change for fun outings may be able to sock away more of their monthly incomes, because individuals often don't accout for pocket change in their monthy budget!

According to, there is over $10 billion in loose change scattered across Americans' homes and cars. So check under those seat cushions!

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