Active living seniors reap the benefits of Tai Chi

Active living seniors in Marion, Ohio, enjoy the benefits of Qigong and Yang Style Long Form Tai Chi, two Chinese meditative practices that works to engage the mind and body through slow movements.

The classes are taught at the Marion Senior Center by Steve Renick and his wife Marlena, according to the

Active living seniors reap the benefits of Tai Chi

"It's great exercise and you never work up a sweat," Steve told the news source. He also added that the exercises are adaptable to almost all fitness levels, and that it allows participants to use and stretch more than 95 percent of the joints in their body.

The low-impact exercises tend to be especially beneficial to those who suffer from arthritis, the news provider reports.

Though many patients enjoy the exercise, which may enhance their flexibility, recent studies have shown that meditative exercises such as Tai Chi could also boost one's immune system, slow the progression of certain diseases, soothe anxiety and reduce blood pressure, according to

Active living seniors who wish to improve their overall wellbeing may seek out similar classes available to them.

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