Retirement living seniors should relax after learning new skills

Taking a break after learning a new lesson or skill could help individuals process an idea and make it easier to remember, according to

A study published in the journal Neuron, conducted at the New York University's department of Psychology and the Center for Neural Science, suggests that much in the way that sleep helps us absorb new ideas, a little bit of downtime after a stimulating experience might prove useful.

Retirement living seniors should relax after learning new skills

"Your brain wants you to tune out other tasks so you can tune in to what you just learned," researcher Lila Davachi told the news source.

Retirement living seniors who are working to learn a new hobby could use the findings of this study to learn more efficiently. For example, after working on a difficult knitting pattern, trying out a new recipe in the kitchen or working out a problem in their golf swing, baby boomers could take a short walk or just let their mind wander for a bit to let their new knowledge sink in.

Seniors who wish to learn new skills could consider enrolling in classes at a community college or via an online university. And then be sure to take a break!

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