New generation of manufactured homes ideal for retirement living

A compact yet spacious dwelling that could be customized and quickly assembled in almost any location may sound like the retirement home of many seniors' dreams, but new models of pre-fabricated houses are making that dream a reality.

For example, some lines of homes are available in a variety of styles and designs. Retirement living seniors who are planning for their future can choose a one- or two- bedroom model and request to have the placement of windows, doors and walls changed so that they can create a floor plan that will work for them.

New generation of manufactured homes ideal for retirement living

Ecologically minded seniors who have been trying to decide between building a home and purchasing one might find that environmentally friendly structures, like the ones manufactured by Green Builder Blu Homes, are especially appealing to them.

As members of the aging baby boomer population search for the perfect retirement homes, having a variety of options available to them is likely to be a good thing.

According to CBS news, most baby boomers plan to embrace retirement living by the time they are 63 years old.

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