Neighborhood programs help seniors live active lives

Seniors who age-in-place are free to enjoy the benefits of independent living, but from time to time they may find that they need a little assistance from their neighbors.

Though retirement living communities have services designed to help seniors with daily activities such as doing laundry or going to the grocery store, those who live in traditional locales might have difficulty with everyday tasks.

Neighborhood programs help seniors live active lives

According to The Tennessean, many neighborhoods around the country are forming local programs that focus on the requirements of their aging populations.

Area groups can help seniors recovering from an injury or assist those who are caring for an aging spouse.

"Seniors should be helping each other," Ruth Garrett, a geriatric specialist, told the news provider. "I don't want to call in home care services when a neighbor should be able to walk across the street and change a light bulb."

Individuals who love their independent living lifestyle but have difficulty with certain activities, such as cooking, might look into specific programs such as Meals on Wheels.

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