One-on-one time with pets good for seniors

Many active seniors will find that their spirits are bolstered by pet ownership, according to a recent study.

In retirement living facilities, pets are often brought in to visit groups of residents in order to stimulate the occupants and serve as a jumping off point for social interaction, according to the Associated Content.

One-on-one time with pets good for seniors However, experts were surprised to find that one-on-one visits, in which residents were able to interact with a dog alone, seemed to be more enjoyable.

"The residents found a little quiet time with the pooch is a lot nicer than spending time with a dog and other people," William A. Banks, a professor at the Saint Louis University School of Medicine, told the new source.

It was also reported that all of the participating seniors experienced a better mood after interacting with a dog, but those who had alone time with a pooch had a more significant decrease in loneliness after five to six weeks of visits.

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