A cruise can be an ideal vacation for seniors in retirement living

Vacations can be a fun part of retirement living, and seniors are likely to enjoy the variety of activities aboard a cruise ship. There are even some packages geared specifically towards the over-55 crowd, which offer special lectures, bridge and big-band dancing.

The New York Daily News recently reported that among retired vacationers, new cruise ships are often exciting, but people tend to enjoy returning to ships that they know they've liked in the past.

A cruise can be an ideal vacation for seniors in retirement living

"The 65 and over crowd are always excited to hear about the new ships," Jill Rosenberg, manager of group travel sales at AAA New York Travel, told the news source. "For repeat cruisers, I have found that they often appreciate staying with what's curly familiar and will often return to the same cruise line, and even the same ship, year after year."

However, because most cruise ships boast games and events that are appealing to all ages, they also make for a vacation that everyone in the family can enjoy. The article reports that families will often enjoy meals together and then head off to their chosen amusements.

Rosenberg suggested that because everyone has different levels of physical ability and expectations for their vacation experience, cruises are an ideal way to incorporate a vacation into an active living lifestyle.

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