Many seniors considering eldercare provider switch

The results of a recent study suggest many seniors are thinking about switching eldercare providers.

The 2009 National Senior Loyalty Study recently revealed that more than 25 percent of Medicare Advantage and Supplemental Medicare insurance customers are currently planning on shopping around for different Medicare coverage.

Deft Research, a marketing research firm that focuses on the healthcare, insurance and pharmaceutical industries, has predicted that up to 19 percent of the senior market might change their coverage.

Many seniors considering eldercare provider switch This estimate, based on the study's results, suggests that some of the seniors who are considering a change will ultimately decide to keep their current provider.

Although the study found that many health insurance companies have recently experienced an increase in loyalty in the senior market, some elderly people reportedly feel they could find a provider that better suits their needs.

The government says Medicare health plans, some of which are run by private companies, generally offer extra benefits like prescription drug coverage. Although these companies belong to the private sector, individuals who receive coverage under their plans are still considered to be in Medicare.

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