Active living can mean starting a business

Retirement living can mean different things. Some seniors choose to travel, some go back to school for the educational experience. Some elderly people even decide to launch a business.

Cynthia Garry is 66 years old and lives in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, where she started her company in 2008. Scratch n All makes grooming pads that animal lovers can use to brush their pets.

Active living can mean starting a business The entrepreneur employs seniors at the local retirement living center to package her product.

"I invented Scratch n All because I wanted something safe for my own animals to use, and I think I have a product that all animals, humans included, can benefit from," said Garry. "My company is, and has been, a tremendous labor of love."

StartupNation (SN) is a free resource that entrepreneurs can take advantage of any time they need business advice. SN organizes business awards every year, and Garry's company won the Boomers Back in Business category. "To receive this award from StartupNation gives me hope that my company will succeed," she said.

The U.S. Census Bureau says that in 2008, seniors represented over 15 percent of Pennsylvania's population. Nearly 13 percent of Americans were 65 or older last year.

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