Tips to improve retirement living during the holidays

After retirement, living at home can change. Some seniors find they have a lot of time on their hands and can become lonely, especially around the holidays.

There are certain tips seniors should take into consideration this Thanksgiving if they are afraid their holiday might not be much fun. The first is to avoid dining alone. Many communities have senior centers that organize special meals for elderly people whose families are too far away to visit or who are taking advantage of their time off to go on vacation.

Another tip is to plan ahead.

Tips to improve retirement living during the holidays Events like the dinners that some retirement living facilities organize sometimes require registration. Seniors who attend such meals should also remember to bring their medication.

Having a healthy Thanksgiving can also lift spirits. It might be a good idea to avoid fatty foods and alcohol because these things can have a negative effect on how seniors feel physically.

"Thanksgiving can be a joyous start to the holiday season, but it is especially important that seniors take care of themselves during this time," says Tom Lescault, the president of a nonprofit provider of health services.

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