November is National Homecare Month

All throughout the month of November, the American Association for Homecare (AAH) will be celebrating the efforts of the professionals who help make the lives of seniors more comfortable at home.

The AAH says that homecare professionals currently help more than 8 million elderly Americans who need medical or other assistance where they live. Some of these seniors suffer from multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig's disease and diabetes, among other health problems.

Although some of these professionals provide valuable support, the AAH says that Congress has been making cuts to the homecare sector that have damaged the quality of the service.

November is National Homecare Month The association is now encouraging anyone who receives or benefits from homecare to visit its website to learn more about how to prevent more cuts.

According to, some seniors who receive the service are able to save a considerable amount of money by living in their houses instead of receiving medical attention at hospitals. Elderly individuals who are taken care of at home often need oxygen equipment, wheelchairs, hospital beds, diabetic supplies and other medical devices.

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