The realities of retirement living for family

Stressful relationships can often develop when seniors receive eldercare from their children or other family members.

Though viewed as a necessary responsibility, looking after an elderly family member isn’t always easy. Because helping someone growing old can be difficult, a family services agency in Teaneck, New Jersey, organized an event called Conference for Caregivers, according to

"When we're busy caring for others, we have less and less in us, and we can't care for ourselves," the agency's director Lisa Fedder told listeners.

The realities of retirement living for family "When we can't care for ourselves, we can't give the best service to those we're caring for."

Dr Terri Feldman Katz was one of the event's speakers, according to the news source. The doctor said that helping seniors remain independent for as long as possible can be good for morale. She told the conference that providing an elderly person with a walker can empower them, for example.

The U.S. Census Bureau says the population of individuals between the ages of 65 and 74 is projected to peak at 38 million people in 2030, meaning more and more children may have to look after their elderly parents in the future.

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