More progress made in development of eldercare robots

GeckoSystems (GS), a robotics company, is in the process of designing a model that is meant to improve retirement living.

On November 16, GS announced that it is starting in-home trials of its CareBot. The company claims that practical and cost-effective robots are its primary goal.

"We are very pleased to begin our first in-home trials of this new assistive care home appliance, a customizable personal companion robot," said Martin Spencer, CEO of GS.

More progress made in development of eldercare robots "Now we begin proving our long held belief that personal companion mobile robots, like the CareBot, can help tens of thousands of families take better care of their loved ones while saving significant monies."

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts say that some eldercare robots are capable of performing a variety of tasks, including calling 911 in case of emergencies and helping seniors remember to take their medication.

GS says the CareBot can move about without running into obstacles thanks to its navigation system. The company claims the robot is also capable of responding to verbal commands and answering questions.

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