Entrepreneur visits retirement living facilities to do research

Residents living in senior housing in Pennsylvania might be visited by an unusual guest during the month of November.

Steve Gurney is a 44-year-old entrepreneur who will be staying in a retirement home near Logan Circle in Philadelphia on November 18. The purpose of Gurney's visit will be to conduct market research in the eldercare industry.

Entrepreneur visits retirement living facilities to do research He believes elderly homes might present a business opportunity.

"The concept of business travelers staying in senior living communities makes a lot of sense," says the entrepreneur. "These communities offer all the features and amenities of your typical hotel, but have the added benefit of being a true neighborhood with lots of interesting people to engage with."

This will be the third time Gurney will have stayed in a senior housing facility. He first began his research in February of 2009 and believes he has discovered an approach to retirement living that he says is outside the box. "Imagine the connections and wisdom that can be shared between retirees and travelers with similar business backgrounds."

There were almost 37 million people over the age of 65 living in the U.S. in 2008, according to the government.

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