Special month for those involved with assisted living

November is National Family Caregivers Month and this event celebrates the people who make assisted living possible for seniors.

There are about 15 million people in this country who provide care for a loved one. These people spend their own time helping their elderly parents and other family members who have difficulty looking after themselves.

The U.S.

Special month for those involved with assisted living Administration on Aging (AOA) says the people this month-long event will honor should ask for support if they are overwhelmed. The AOA suggests going to neighbors and friends for help with tasks such as driving and shopping.

"Helping aging parents make important financial and health care decisions creates much pressure and stress," said Dr Ian Shaffer, the chief medical officer of one healthcare company. "It's essential that caregivers attend to their own well-being, because ongoing stress can lead to depression, caregiver burnout and physical health problems."

Caring for elderly parents and family members can be even more difficult for young moms and dads, as they also have to look after their children and go to work.

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