Push for better eldercare at robotics conference

A robotics company based in Georgia recently announced that it will give people a chance to discuss how to improve retirement living at its upcoming conference.

GeckoSystems will host its first annual Mobile Robots in Motion event on November 4 and 5 and its attendees will be given an opportunity to explore the world of eldercare personal robots, which the company claims are in high demand.

"Many middle class baby boomers are presently suffering significant financial, time and emotional pressures attempting to care for their surviving WWII and Korean War era parents," said Martin Spencer, the company's CEO.

Push for better eldercare at robotics conference "We project the available market size in dollars for cost effective, utilitarian, multitasking eldercare personal robots in 2010 to be $74 billion."

The robots Spencer mentioned are made of metal and plastic and are operated using electronics. They can supposedly answer questions, help with daily chores and provide seniors with reminders. They also respond to verbal commands.

GeckoSystems' research suggested that men and women 65 and up who live alone in metropolitan areas will be the first demographic to adopt the robots.

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