Retirement living facility launches website

A senior housing facility in California launched its website on September 29 and it reportedly reflects the welcoming atmosphere of the community living there.

This retirement living center is located in Northridge and was founded in 2007.

Retirement living facility launches website It claims seniors who live there are given help if they need it, but that residents are also offered a lot of independence.

The website is designed to be easy to use. Its simple layout allows seniors to access information regarding the facility and includes features like its Useful Links page, which offers a database that can be used to find the best places to live.

The site also has an image gallery so that older persons can have a look at the facility without leaving their homes. Photos of the activities offered at the center are posted. These include pictures of residents dining, singing, playing games and also celebrating special occasions like Halloween and Christmas.

For every caregiver in this retirement living community, there are two residents, most of whom have mobility limitations or otherwise need extra care.

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