Best retirement living locations

A news group released its list of the best affordable places to live on September 29 and for people entering retirement living, this information could be useful.

The title of the list is America's Best Affordable Places to Retire and the locations were selected by comparing indicators such as cost of living, quality of healthcare and eldercare facilities and cultural opportunities.

"Preparing for retirement is a complex process, not to mention the difficulty of actually financing it," said Brian Kelly, one of the group's editors.

Listed alphabetically, the top 10 cities for retirement living are: Ann Arbor, Michigan; Asheville, North Carolina; Aurora, Colorado; Columbia, South Carolina; Columbus, Ohio; Eugene, Oregon; Fort Worth, Texas; Jacksonville, Florida; Kansas City, Missouri and Tucson, Arizona. made a similar list this year that also included towns in Arizona, Florida, Michigan and North Carolina.

Best retirement living locations

Forbes recently published an article that didn't discuss cities or states, but rather counties. The article says Westchester, New York and Lancaster, Pennsylvania are becoming popular retirement destinations. The research was based on data provided by the Census Bureau.

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