Healthy retirement living can require good kidneys

A study that was recently conducted revealed that dysfunctional kidneys might increase the risk of cognitive decline in older persons.

Neurology, a medical journal, just published the results of research performed by the Rush University Medical Center. The center's researchers found that kidney problems can affect the episodic memory function in seniors. This function retrieves the contexts in which events took place, including time, place and emotional state.

"Given the dearth of modifiable risk factors for age-related cognitive decline, these results have important public health implications," said Dr.

Healthy retirement living can require good kidneys Aron Buchman from the Alzheimer's Disease Center at Rush. "Further work to understand the link between kidney function and the brain may provide new strategies for preventing memory loss in elders."

Buchman believes that vascular problems such as hypertension and diabetes might explain how kidney problems can affect the brain.

The study involved 886 older persons who volunteered to participate. The average age in the group was 81 and none of them suffered from dementia. The mental condition of some participants was followed for up to six years.

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