Older persons benefit from vitamin D

A recent study has shown that older persons with adequate levels of vitamin D are less likely to suffer from heart disease.

Researchers from the University of Colorado and Massachusetts General Hospital have discovered that elderly people who maintain their vitamin D levels might live longer than those who don't.

"It's likely that more than one-third of older adults now have vitamin D levels associated with higher risks of death and few have levels associated with optimum survival," said Dr.

Older persons benefit from vitamin D Adit Ginde, a professor from the University of Colorado. "Given the aging population and the simplicity of increasing a person's level of vitamin D, a small improvement in death rates could have a substantial impact on public health."

The reason the elderly have lower levels of the vitamin than children and adults is because they spend less time outside. Sunlight is evidently one major source of vitamin D.

More than 3,400 people participated in the study. The researchers concluded that older persons with low levels of vitamin D are three times more likely to pass away than those who make sure their level is good.

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