Active living and technology

Retirement living is becoming increasingly technological, as seniors develop an interest in the internet and alternative forms of telecommunication.

AT&T recently held a series of 20-minute sessions exclusively for seniors to teach them how to send text messages, according to the Los Angeles Times. The sessions took place at the Oasis Christian Center in West L.A.

Apparently text messaging is a service that is rarely used in the elderly community, even by seniors who are ahead of the technology curve.

Active living and technology "The more tech-savvy elderly people don't know how to text," said Kate Keating, a spokeswoman for AT&T, to the Times.

Some cell phone companies offer plans that are designed specifically for seniors. Verizon, for example, offers its Nationwide 65 Plus plan that is reserved for the elderly and costs less than plans that target other age groups.

Verizon also has plans that feature unlimited text messaging. This option is available to everyone and can be very attractive to users who love to text. Text messages sent without any sort of messaging plan cost $0.20 to receive or send on Verizon.

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