Retirement living might improve thanks to social media

Retirement living can at times be lonely, but a new kind of website might offer a solution to the solitude some elderly people experience.

Even though the elderly are the fastest growing population in the U.S., many older persons find themselves alone. Sadly, some elderly people who become isolated also become depressed, and this can lead to other health issues, according to

But a University of Alabama sociologist is going to see if perhaps an internet connection and a subscription to a social networking website can help make the elderly feel more connected.

Retirement living might improve thanks to social media Her name is Dr. Shelia Cotten and she is doing her research with a group of seniors in assisted living facilities.

"With increasing numbers of older adults living in long-term care facilities and declines in quality of life as people age, we need innovative ways to lessen these negative impacts and to enhance quality of life," Cotten told the site. She will be leading UAB grad students who will show 300 older persons how to use the internet to visit sites like Facebook and also how to blog.

The elderly population of the U.S. is indeed a leading demographic. People 65 and older represent 12.8 percent of Americans, according to the CIA.

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