Great way to stay connected for those in senior housing

For older persons, it's not always easy to travel and this makes being separated from loved ones even harder. But thanks to new technology, seniors may be able to feel closer than ever to their kids no matter where they are.

Videophones function just like regular telephones except that they are equipped with a monitor so that whoever is talking can see the person with whom they're having a conversation, assuming both parties have the device.

Certain computers have a similar capability, but videophones are great for elderly people who have little experience with PCs as they're easier to use, even though they too require an internet connection.

Seniors might consider the ASUS Videophone, as it is apparently a very simple device to use, according to

Great way to stay connected for those in senior housing It's a little bit expensive, priced at $270. But although the phone isn't cheap, the service can be. One provider offers its service for $12 per month, according to the site.

Ojo, another provider, now offers its services for $9.95 a month and this price includes unlimited calls made to other Ojo users.

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