Canines make retirement living more enjoyable

Dogs can bring happiness to all sorts of people, especially older persons in retirement living facilities.

A new program has been set up that will allow people with pet therapy dogs to go and visit seniors in retirement homes, according to the Asbury Park Press.

Canines make retirement living more enjoyable The program is called Caregiver Canines and it's offered by the nonprofit agency Caregiver Volunteers in New Jersey.

Caregiver Volunteers says it will assign a dog and its owner to a senior who is living at home or in a retirement center. The agency claims that visits from canines can reduce stress and thus improve the health and mood of seniors. As with people of all ages, dogs may help older persons who are feeling lonely too.

Therapy Dogs International defines its canines as creatures with outstanding temperament that are tolerant of other animals and, of course, love to visit with people.

These animals don't wear vests like some other service pets because pet therapy dogs often come into physical contact with people. Petting is an important part of what these dogs have to offer.

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