Good news for older persons with muscle loss

A British researcher may have discovered a way to remedy muscle loss in older persons.

The Physiological Society has given Beth Phillips the Blue Riband Award for discovering blood flow in the legs of older persons slows after finishing a meal and that weightlifting can compensate for this, according to e! Science News.

"Indeed, she found that three sessions a week over 20 weeks 'rejuvenated' the leg blood flow responses of the older people," said Michael Rennie, a professor with whom Phillips is working.

Good news for older persons with muscle loss "They became identical to those in the young."

It seems that when seniors eat, they don't build enough muscle with the protein they're getting from their meal. Furthermore, the insulin that is released while they eat doesn't stop the muscle decomposition that occurs between sittings like it does for young people.

Phillips and Rennie performed their research at the University of Nottingham and their work was funded by the U.K.'s Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council. According to the government's statistics, 72 percent of people 75 and older in the U.K. said they were in good/fairly good health.

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