Medical tourism tips from CDC could help seniors going abroad

Seniors who travel abroad as part of active living plans in retirement may want to take a look at the latest issue of the Centers for Disease Control "Yellow Book" or guide for international travel and health.

The CDC updates the guide every two years, and the newest edition contains an expanded section on medical tourism and how to travel safely with chronic conditions, as well as information on how travelers' medications can interact with needed vaccinations.

"Medical standards can vary by country, and traveling soon after a medical procedure can carry its own set of health risks," said Dr Gary Brunette, CDC Travelers' Health Branch chief.

Medical tourism tips from CDC could help seniors going abroad "We're providing new recommendations to help people who choose medical tourism to do it as safely as possible."

With more than 500,000 Americans traveling abroad for medical reasons, the guide also discusses the potential for complications from drugs already being taken and vaccines recommended by immunologists.

But retirement living community residents may also find some vacation planning tips, thanks to nine itineraries that are included in the guide that span every continent except Antarctica.

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