Celebrate Senior Month in Canada

Ontario Member of Parliament David Tilson lent his full support to recognizing June as Senior Month across Canada.

The elderly in retirement living, independent living or active living facilities are to be honored throughout the month for their contribution to society by many different social groups.

For example, Ontario's York Regional police department hopes to educate the public about its programs that help older residents, amidst the celebrations and remembrances, according to the King Sentinel.

The news provider highlights Project Lifesaver Program that helps protect vulnerable seniors who may suffer from Alzheimer's or dementia and are therefore prone to wandering.

Celebrate Senior Month in Canada Radio bracelets help track the patients and the police can easily find the lost elderly.

Another Senior Month initiative aims to bring together older citizens with children, to give youth the chance to learn from their elders through reading programs and increased interaction.

According to the news service, This Week, Leapfrog Canada is encouraging seniors to read to children and share stories and experiences with them.

Miranda Germani who helped organize the scheme told the news provider that "[r]eading with a grandparent or other senior can be a great opportunity for both the adult and child."

"[S]imply reading and telling stories to a young child is powerful stimuli for brain development," she concluded.

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