Older people find happier retirement living in the county

Many older people in the UK think that retirement living is best enjoyed away from the cities, according to a recent survey.

Of the 14,000 people who responded to a poll by the Saga Media Group, about one-third would choose Devon, in the southwest, as well as Fife and Aberdeenshire in the north, according to a Guardian report.

Older people find happier retirement living in the county

"Devon is a marvellous place to retire," 83-year-old Bill Jordan told the news provider. "A lot come here on holiday and fall in love with the place."

Although for some the recession may make a move more difficult, a report from Age Concern and Help the Aged finds that older people are resorting to money-saving tactics they learned to weather the economic downturn.

About half of those interviewed were using coupons or other strategies to lower the cost of buying food, roughly the same number who repaired clothes for themselves and loved ones, according to a Telegraph report.

"The set of thrifty skills many older people can tap into represents an invaluable resource in times of recession," Michelle Mitchell, charity director for the two agencies, told the news provider.

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