High ratings for North Carolina retirement homes

According to a new rating program in North Carolina implemented this year, the majority of adult care homes received the highest possible score in the initiative.

The N.C. Star Rating Program was introduced to educate consumers about the quality of care provided in the state's assisted-living homes.

Inspections began last month and gave 58 out of 62 facilities three stars, the highest possible score this year.

High ratings for North Carolina retirement homes Also, a total of 45 facilities score 100 points or more on the new scale.

Facilities are rated on a number of aspects that include resident services and special units for Alzheimer's disease care. After receiving 100 points or more on two consecutive inspections, a facility can earn a four-star rating.

Inspections will occur throughout the year with the results posted online on the state's official website.

Assisted-living homes can provide home safety and care for certain conditions for seniors who may not be able to live independently. The facilities also offer a chance for seniors to socialize more, which has been shown in studies to improve one's general health.

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