Senior discount on Jet Airways

Senior citizens who always dreamed of traveling to another country may be able to reach that goal this year, thanks to a special discounted rate on airline flights from an international carrier.

Jet Airways is offering senior citizens 25 percent off of regularly-priced economy fares on any of the company's flights.

Seniors aged 65 years and older can take advantage of the discounted rated anytime between now and December 30th.

In order to qualify, seniors must fill out a concession form concession form and submit it with a photograph and proof of age (a photocopy of a license or birth certificate will work).

Senior discount on Jet Airways The discounted fare can be issued at any Jet Airways ticketing offices or from authorized travel agents.

Seniors who think they could be frequent fliers on Jet Airways may want to consider applying for an identity card, which will give the traveler the discounted rate on future flights.

The offer is also available to Indian and foreign nationals over the age of 65. Those interested should check with the airline's ticketing office about certain restrictions with the discount.

Jet Airways operates flights to 18 international destinations that include Bahrain, Singapore and Dubai.

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