Get a discounted flight from Southwest Airlines

With the country in a recession and traveling long distances seeming to get more expensive by the day, a national airline company is offering a special rate for senior citizens for their holiday travel.

Southwest Airlines discounts tickets 20 percent to 60 percent for travelers aged 65 and old, according to the AARP. The catch? Customers may have to call the airline to make the reservation and the discount may only be available on certain days.

Despite some of the booking restrictions for the senior fare, there are advantages with using Southwest airlines.

There is no charge for the first two checked-in pieces of luggage (that are 50 pounds or less) and the airline doesn't charge for modifying a booked reservation.

Get a discounted flight from Southwest Airlines Seniors can also enjoy a free snack while on board.

Seniors comfortable with the internet can find the senior fares on Southwest's website. A recent search found most trips to be at least 50 percent off the regular adult price on transcontinental trips.

However, those who aren't comfortable with the computer can call the airline at (800) 435-9792 and be sure to specifically ask for the senior fare, says the AARP.

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