US hospice care'evolving'

Hospice care can help to ensure independent living in the US for individuals with debilitating conditions, it has been reported.

US News and World Report explains that people with conditions such as" target="_self">Alzheimer's could find independent living more difficult towards the end of their lives.

But with home Alzheimer's care, it may be possible for them to remain able to look after themselves in their own properties.

Figures cited by the publication from the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization indicate that 1.4 million people received hospice care at home over the past year.

This represents an increase of more than 100 percent over the preceding decade, the statistics suggest.

Among the elements which may be added to a home to facilitate independent living are hospital beds or stores of medical supplies, the news resource notes.

Meanwhile, the Herald News recently reported that a $50,000 grant had been given to senior housing facility Sunny Hill Nursing Home in Will County, Illinois, to allow it to redecorate its "Sunshine Room".

The community is to be given a facelift using the funds to fit cobbled-effect flooring and shopfront-style facades to living and dining areas, in order to resemble "the good old days" for its residents.

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