The truth about hospice care

While many Americans wish to receive the services and skilled nursing care offered by hospices, 83 percent of them are unsure as to what it is, it has been revealed.

A survey by the National Hospice Foundation also found that of 80 percent of US seniors wish to die at home and 75 percent of those who receive" target="_self">hospicehome care are able to do so.

However, of the total 2.4 million Americans who pass away each year, less than a quarter are able to have this wish granted.

Amanda Newton, writing on the online pages of The Best Times, explained that skilled nurses, physical, speech and occupational therapists, medical social workers and certified nursing assistants worked together to provide people with home care.

She added that while some people may be uncomfortable with the idea of strangers coming to their home, for many it can improve the time they have left and were a welcome service.

Ms Newton noted that care should be taken when choosing a provider to make sure that everyone was comfortable.

Meanwhile, Dewan Williams, clinical coordinator for the Practical Nursing program at Brown Mackie College, Ohio, has said that family members should ensure they offer support to their relatives that are making the transition to a care home.

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