Are Baby Boomers dangerous?

When experts talk about an aging population, it often is related to challenges  and dangers such as healthcare costs skyrocketing, a shortage of workers, or pension problems. But North America’s aging population brings with it much larger advantages and opportunities for a growing economy, including new jobs.

As reported on, North America’s Baby Boomers – those currently between the ages of 46 and 64 – may be starting to retire, but they are still very active, and they are putting plenty of their dollars back into their local economies.

A recent study conducted by market research firm Scarborough found that, in the last year, 12 per cent of Boomers have attended a professional sports game, 22 per cent have attended live theatre, 14 per cent have visited an arts museum, 9 per cent have attended the opera, and 12 per cent have attended a concert.

“Baby boomers represent a segment of the American population that has a thirst for adventure, and the financial freedom to explore that passion,” Scarborough executive Brian Condon told the news source.

Because Baby Boomers have worked hard for so many years, many of them have saved enough money to afford a potential future move into an assisted living or Alzheimer’s Care community.