Connecticut senate candidates debate social security

In the United States, 2012 is a national election year when the country will choose its next president. But in addition to the presidential election, there are also thousands of municipal, congressional and senate races going on. And like the contest between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, many of these local campaigns have a strong focus on senior issues.

In the Connecticut senate race, voters will choose between Republican Linda McMahon and Democrat Chris Murphy. And as reported recently by, the two top candidates are regularly attacking each other on the topics of Medicare and Social Security.

“Obviously, the issue of Medicare and Social Security are very important to people who are utilizing it every day to live,” AARP’s Connecticut director Nora Duncan told the news source.

One of the main contentions is a position by McMahon that supports reviewing Connecticut’s Social Security policy every 10 to 15 years to ensure it is being funded appropriately, but her opponent Murphy says that is just a smokescreen in her longer-term plan to eliminate Social Security altogether.

In the campaign, McMahon’s spokesperson said she has visited more than two dozen Connecticut assisted living communities, while Murphy recently spoke with a number of seniors to discuss his candidacy.