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E-mail for Seniors

In today’s digital world, Internet technologies play a big role in the way people communicate with one another.  We’ve never been more connected with our families, friends, and networks than we are today, and it will only get better in the future.

Get “Online”… Buy a Computer

Staying connected with loved ones is important.  Using a computer to access the Internet is a great way to communicate with friends and family for free using tools like email and Skype.  The Internet is also a good resource for finding information, entertainment, and news from around the world or your own back yard.  Computers and the Internet create a whole new world to explore for those who use them. It’s easy to do if you take the time to learn how it’s done.

On the Road - Everyday Gadget Use for Boomers

I'm just one Baby Boomer and last week I was on the road up and down the east coast for graduations. In between the two graduations I attended a professional conference. I expect that my life is a lot like yours. Boomers are ever moving, whether visiting children and grandkids or traveling for fun. However, this time I was amazed at how many times I used some gadget or my iPhone to help me out while I traveled and even at the conference. Here are some of the ways I used technology: