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Enlarge Your Mouse Pointer

Mr. Modem

Q. I have trouble seeing my mouse pointer. Is there any way I can make it larger?

A. As a card-carrying, bifocal-wearing computer user, one of the first things I do when I purchase a new computer is increase the size of the mouse pointer or cursor. The challenge is that I have to be able to actually see the pointer before I can alter its appearance.

Check Your Connection Speed

By Mr. Modem

Q. Im merging data on an Excel spreadsheet with Word to compile a mailing list, but Im having a heck of a time getting ZIP Codes, that begin with a zero, to print. This is driving me crazy. Can you help?

A. Excel is doing what it normally does in this instance, and thats dropping the leading zero because its assuming that the ZIP Code is an actual number. Since the 1 and the 01 have the same numerical value, Excel thinks its doing you a favor by tidying up and dropping the unnecessary zero digit.

All Is Not Lost, If the Product Key Is

Q. I am preparing a document that was created in four different files. How can I combine all four files into a single file so that I just have one large document file?

A. Copy and paste the contents of three of the files into the fourth. For example, lets say you want File 1 to contain your entire document. Simply copy and paste the contents of Files 2, 3, and 4 into File 1. Presto! You'll have all four parts in one file.

Email from the FBI? Really?

By Mr. Modem

Q. I received an email that says it's from the FBIs Department for Illegal Internet Downloads, advising that my computer was used for illegal file sharing and files were removed from my computer. This can't be true, can it?

A. Congratulations! You are the lucky recipient of yet another grammatically challenged, doofus-generated email hoax. Good for you for not falling for it.

Golden Rules For Laptop Users

By Mr. Modem
When you're in a public place, don't let your laptop out of your sight.
  • When going through airport security, hand your laptop to security personnel rather than let it ride on the luggage conveyor belt. If Security personnel refuse to accommodate your request for a manual inspection (I can't imagine encountering a surly TSA employee), make sure that your laptop is the last item placed on the conveyor to reduce the time it spends on the other side unattended.