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Ask Mr. Modem!

Q. When I use Word, the font size is always 10, which is much too small for my eyes. Is there a way to set it to the size font that I want to use so it will always be the way I want it, every time I open Word?

A. Yes, there sure is. What youve been doing only affects the current document, so it defaults back to the 10-point font every time you open a new Word file. To change to a larger font that appears by default, open Word to a blank document, then click Format > Font.

Tame a Wild Mouse

Ask Mr. Modem!

Q. My mouse goes crazy when I move it, as if it is possessed. Is there anything I can do about that?

A. Short of calling in an exorcist, you will find that most mouse behaviors are controlled within the Mouse Properties dialog box. In this case use the Pointer Speed slider bar to make adjustments. Depending on the version of Windows youre using, go to your Control Panel > Mouse or click Start and in the Search field type in mouse and select Change the mouse pointer display or speed. The wording may vary.

Stop Cell Phone Spam

Ask Mr. Modem!

Q. I know this is a little out of the area you usually cover, but last month I started receiving commercial text messages on my cell phone, a phone that I have owned for several years. I didn't even know I could receive text messages on this phone, which is something I don't want or need. What can I do about this?

Troubleshoot a Dropped Wireless Connection

By Mr. Modem

Q. I use wireless access to the Internet, but I keep losing my connection. Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot the problem?

A. A wireless LAN (or WLAN, for Wireless Local Area Network) is one
in which a user can connect to the Internet through a wireless connection. LANs are very popular in home networking situations where a high-speed connection is shared by two or more computers.

Malware Warnings: Truth or Fiction?

By Mr. Modem!

Q. I read one of your columns in our local newspaper recently in which you mentioned a program that could be used to retrieve Windows Product Keys. When Iwent to the Web site, my McAfee SiteAdvisor warned me that the site has malware on it, so I got concerned and didn't do anything further. Can you explainwhat that's about, Mr. M? I've used McAfee for several years and have always trusted it, so should I continue to use McAfee or switch to something else?