Workshop scheduled to help seniors become tech savvy

Workshop helps seniors with new devicesTechnology continues to progress, and many seniors have found themselves behind the times a bit. Elderly residents in West Michigan are getting the opportunity to change that. According to the news channel WZZM-TV, a two-day workshop is scheduled for this weekend, and its main focus is to teach seniors how to operate all of the new devices.

"It is staying in touch with loved ones," Trevor Hinshaw, who helps at the workshop, told the news source. "It is accessing the new technologies that can hopefully make life a little easier and a little more fulfilling. Not that it is going to replace face-to-face time with loved ones like grandkids but anything that allows them to have another touch point I think is exciting."

If seniors are tech savvy, they are able to keep in touch with their loved ones from their retirement living communities or assisted living facilities. There are also tools to help seniors stay safe. According to USA Today, technology continues to benefit aging adults. For example a new application that reminds the senior to take medication, get the mail or call a friend.