What baby boomers need to do to stay healthly

What baby boomers need to do to stay healthyThe baby boomer generation is reaching retirement age, and they are expected to live longer than previous generation. However, with this longer life comes some complications. According to WBGH-TV, extended lifespans increase a person's chance of developing chronic illnesses. However, there are things that baby boomers can do to maintain an active lifestyle throughout retirement.

"It can be tragic when individuals don't recognize the fundamental link between their personal health behaviors and their risk of illness," Dr. Marybeth McCall told the news source. "For people who make this connection, the health burdens we typically associate with age, while not entirely avoidable, can decrease substantially."

Boomers need to keep an eye on their cholesterol and blood pressure, ensure that they receive flu and pneumonia vaccines and schedule colorectal cancer screenings. Combine these preventative measures with eating healthy and exercising, and boomers may be able to live longer and healthier lives than previous generations, the media outlet reports.

According to AARP, many baby boomers are looking to feel younger longer by any means necessary. As a result, the anti-aging business has become an $88 billion industry.