Study shows wide opinions about retirement

Retirement living is an opportunity to start an entire new chapter on life. For many people, it is a chance to take up a hobby, travel the world, or go back to school. But for many people, retirement was more difficult than they expected.

According to a recent article in Financial Advisor magazine, a new study from Harvard School of Public Health says that as many as one in four retirees say their lives before retirement was better than it is now.

“Those of us over 50 and working are optimistic about our future health and health care, but that optimism is not necessarily shared by those who have already retired,” Risa Lavizzo-Mourey of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, told the news source.

She added that the major reason for depression among seniors is declining health, as well as the steep costs of medication and the surprise costs that can sometimes accompany with retirement, such as the cost of assisted living.

However, although one in four retirees say life was better before, half say it’s the same, and the same amount say retirement living is even better than life before retirement. The lesson therefore is- keep a positive attitude, stay healthy, keep active, and you should enjoy a happy retirement.