Study shows estrogen may benefit prematurely menopausal women

Estrogen may be beneficial for women until the age of 50A new study conducted by the Mayo Clinic found that estrogen, which was once believed to be a risk factor for stroke at all ages, can actually be beneficial to women who have premature or early menopause by preventing strokes.

The researchers combined six other studies across the globe and determined that if a woman is less than 50 years old, estrogen can ward off strokes.

"We were very surprised because these results were unexpected," said study author Dr. Walter Rocca, an epidemiologist and neurologist at Mayo Clinic. "The old idea that estrogen is always a problem in the brain has to be corrected."

Rocca added that estrogen may still be harmful to older women, but may prevent strokes in younger ones. If a woman experiences premature menopause - before the age of 40 - or early menopause - after 45 years old - they should take estrogen until they reach age 50.

Baby boomers who are looking to to keep up with their active lifestyle and are trying to stay healthy throughout their golden years may want to take this into consideration.