Steve Jobs and

Earlier this month, on October 5, Apple Founder Steve Jobs died. He was lauded by pundits, commentators and competitors as a visionary and an innovator; as someone who was always ahead of the curve, and always looking out for the next great technological achievement.

Here at, and our newsletter, RetirementConnect, we think the best way to honor the legacy of Steve Jobs is by giving you the best, most up-to-date information we can, making you not only the most informed person possible, but someone who can help others with the tips you’ll get from us.

This month, our contributors include:

Cynthia Ross-Cravit with shares six tips on how to boost your energy.

Terri Corcoran from the Well Spouse Association gives us a list of the best foods that will help prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and which will keep your brain healthy for many more years.

Chris Bint from the Elder Technology Assistance Group introduces us to the world of Cloud Computing- what it means, and how we can take advantage of what it offers.


Robert Walker
Editor, RetirementConnect