Staying ahead of the Wii Learning Curve

Super Wii

Video games allow people to venture into a world fueled by the imagination. A virtual reality can be a lot of fun whether you’re a child, middle aged professional or older adult! Play a video game and you can be almost anything — a race car driver, a web slinging super hero, a soccer star or a tennis mogul. The possibilities are limitless. In today’s digital society, video games are one of the most popular forms of escapism, which we all need from time to time :)

Nintendo Wii - The New Normal in Assisted Living

It’s universal for assisted living centers and retirement communities to host video game events in their weekly activities calendars. The game console of choice is Nintendo Wii due to the social flavor of the gaming experience. The controls are simple and easy for new players to enjoy on their first try in an enticing assortment of games, including golf, bowling, boxing, and fishing.

Wii was the first mainstream video game console to use motion sensors primarily to control the gameplay. With motion sensory, Wii players control the games with physical movements. While holding a wireless controller, players’ motions are tracked by an infrared sensor, setting off actions in real time within the video game.

Wii Fit

The Intuitive, Natural Feel of Wii

The learning curve is short to play video games on Wii, because the physical motions to control the games are designed to be intuitive and natural. When a couple of old time sluggers in Wii's homerun derby swing the wireless controller, the virtual player on the screen swings in unison. Players can stand close or far away because the accuracy of the motion sensory is remarkable as is the range of the wireless controller. The console is inclusive and accessible for seniors to get familiar with the basic motions of Wii games within minutes.

There are two important points to consider when setting up a Nintendo Wii event:

  1. Have extra batteries on-hand for the wireless controllers to ensure no one is left out if power runs out.
  2. Place the infrared sensor that detects the motion of the wireless controller at an adequate height. For players who are sitting, the sensor may need to be positioned lower so the motion is detected properly.

Wii encourages everyone to participate in physical activities that form relationships and a sense of community. Residents can play against each other or as teammates head-to-head on the Internet against other retirement communities to promote good old fashion, healthy competition! Just remember what Tom Hanks said in A League of Their Own, “There’s no crying in baseball!” :)