Spain building country's first gay retirement home

In North America, assisted living communities and retirement homes cater to a wide variety of ages, abilities, interests, religion, ethnicity, and even sexual orientation.

But the large number of senior housing communities, as well as their diversity, is only now starting to become a reality in places such as Europe and Asia.

According to a recent article on, Spain will soon build the country’s first gay retirement community.

Federico Armenteros, a gay rights activist in the country, told the media outlet that many of Spain’s older citizens tend to be distrustful of homosexuals, and so a senior housing community marketed towards gay s is the best way to ensure that they enjoy a happy retirement.

I'll be living in a quality place, with people who respect, understand, love and care for me,” Armenteros told the news source. “Usually, when you end up in a home you're just another number. But this is something completely different.”

According to the media outlet, the retirement home will be open to anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, and there’s even a bonus: the local mayor gave the builder a cheap lease, meaning that rent will likely be inexpensive.