Seven steps to live longer and healthier

Seven steps to living longerBaby boomers are changing the idea of retirement living by keeping up an active lifestyle and trying to stay healthy as long as possible. Researchers from Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine recently discovered seven steps that will help people live longer and healthier lives than people have in previous years.

"Achieving these seven simple lifestyle factors gives people a 90 percent chance of living to the age of 90 or 100, free of not only heart disease and stroke but from a number of other chronic illnesses including cancer," said Dr. Clyde Yancy, a professor of medicine and chief of cardiology at the school.

Boomers need to keep active, as inactivity can knock four years off a person's life, according to the study. Knowing and controlling cholesterol levels and blood pressure are imperative along with following a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight. Step six urges adults to manage diabetes if they have it and seven says that people should not smoke cigarettes. All of the suggestions on this list have the ability to ensure a healthier life for the aging population.