Seniors unaware of fall risks, do not have a plan of action

Seniors are unaware of fall risks Many seniors are living well into their 70s and 80s and doing so while maintaining an active lifestyle and good health. However, many of these aging adults may not be prepared in the event of a fall, which is extremely common as people age, according to the Lifeline Report on Aging in Canada.

"All seniors living alone should have a fail-safe plan about how they would get help if they fell as falls are a reality of aging," Jaclyn Mcleod, Clinical Nurse and Geriatric Emergency Management with Lakeridge Health in Oshawa, told the news source. "Calling for help on a telephone is simply not possible if one cannot move, becomes disoriented or is knocked unconscious. It is unrealistic and dangerous to assume a telephone will always be in reach or that someone will always hear your cry for help."

Families who have an older loved one who may be at risk of falls while living alone should look into various retirement living communities. These can provide family with some peace of mind, and the aging adult will be around peers and have everything they need - including healthcare facilities - close by.