RetirementConnect February 2012

February is a popular month for holidays, including Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day. While both days seem to have nothing in common, they are both forward-looking and optimistic: Groundhog Day looks forward to an early spring, and Valentine’s Day looks forward to a lifetime of love and happiness. These holidays reflect the readers of RetirementConnect: looking for the best ways to live a long life full of health, wealth, and happiness.

This month, we offer three articles which will help you and your family live happier: Chris Bint from the Elder Technology Assistance Group shows us around the world of Smart Phones and E-Readers, Elizabeth Rogers from explains how we can use money to make us happier, and Allison Gamble from ParentyourParents introduces us to music therapy for Dementia sufferers, which has the potential to help millions of people.


Robert Walker
Editor, RetirementConnect