Pfizer releases information about counterfeit drugs

National Talk About Prescriptions Month is this October and seniors need to be informedPfizer Inc., the biggest drug manufacturer in the world, recently announced that it will be issuing information about the dangers of taking counterfeit drugs. This problem has become increasingly prevalent as many people order from online pharmacies - many of which are not legitimate, according to the Associated Press.

The company issued information on a website plus a new video series on YouTube to discuss the dangers.

"Counterfeit medicines are often produced in unsanitary conditions by people without any medical or scientific background," Patrick Ford, Pfizer's head of global security in the Americas, said in a statement, the news source reports.

Not only is the location of where it is made an issue, but sometimes these drugs have rat poison or lead in them, the media outlet reports.

This information is especially timely as October is National Talk About Prescriptions Month. It is imperative that aging adults are taking their medications correctly so they can continue to enjoy retirement living. Approximately 90 percent of those who have Medicare are prescribed some medication, and 55 percent do not take it properly.