New Hampshire retirement community compiles veteran memoirs

Last Saturday, the last veteran of World War One passed away at the age of 110. With World War Two, there are still 1.7 million veterans alive in North America, and one assisted living community is working hard to make sure their stories are being heard.

Kendal at Hanover, a retirement community in Hanover, New Hampshire, has recently been compiling the memoirs of their residents who are veterans, according to a recent article on

“If these things are not put down on paper very shortly they are not going to get down on paper,” one Hanover senior told the news source. “All of us are in our 80s and 90s.”

According to the media outlet, Kendal at Hanover compiled stories from 56 of their residents who are veterans of World War Two.

Four of the veterans were interviewed by MSNBC, and they include 89 year-old Clint Gardner, who was part of the Allies’ D-Day invasion into Normandy, as well as 96 year-old Japanese-American Kesaya Noda, who was sent to an internment camp in California after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941.

From these varied stories of their residents, Kendal at Hanover created a book called “WWII Remembered.”